natso Backup 5.0
What's new in Natso Backup version 5.0 :
  • New planning system :
  • > Manually (no planning),
    > By day (every day) with specific time,
    > For weeks (selection day in the week) with specific time,
    > Per Month (selection day in the month from 1 to 28) with specific time,
    > Upgrading automatic delays in implementation,

  • Management sizes in 64-bit (more than 2 gigabytes) :
  • > On files and copies Windows standards,
    > On files and FTP transfers,
    > On the quotas of disk space,
    > In the encryption / decryption,
    > On the compression / decompression,
    > On the calculations (results, logs, ...),

  • Optimizations and improvements in safeguarding FTP :
  • > Supports a maximum of types of FTP servers (Unix, DOS & IIS, Vax, NoDetails),
    > Fixed bug blocking the erasure of certain files (FTP server side because locking),
    > Unlocking FTP transfers reached 100% but never ending (no response server),
    > Improved management of interruptions / cancellations during transfers FTP (File deletion in progress),
    > Upgrade to the latest version of the class FTP (who permit the transfer of large files)

  • Adding data synchronization (mirroring on destinations) :
  • > Works on backup disks (local & Networks) and the backups FTP,
    > Taking into account of different nommages files (zipped standards and / encrypted),
    > Use recursion for a quick and complete erasure of the contents of the files,
    > Logging (log) by synchronized directories and files deleted files,

  • Improvements on the management and configuration tasks :
  • > The 'significant' change of a task no longer the main reset it,
    > The differential is now resume any task transformed,
    > The duplication of a task, however, 'resets' the difference to zero (because logic),
    > A new method more intuitive (integrated directly to the setting) on the choice of the type of task,
    > Added a button to allow the user to insert ‘My Documents’ to the list of directories,
    > Remove the question of adding subfolders with default (depending on the redundancy),
    > Added a button to include or exclude subfolders (redundancy is checked here),
    > Improved calculating the size of the data n'occasionnant more waiting or blocking user,
    > A new method more intuitive (integrated directly to the setting) for the capture of the encryption key,
    > Display Path accàs special on all personal elements of the user,
    > Adding the differential backup option ‘whose management is practiced now by task
    > Adding the option ‘Save mirror’ also known as ‘synchronization’,
    > Improving the list of files with graphical presentation of filtering extensions and subfolders,

  • Adding restoration manual data from a standard :
  • > Au même titre que la restauration manuelle FTP, celle-ci propose la restauration d'un dossier standard,
    > Gêre la décompression et le décryptage en proposant donc à l'utilisateur d'entrer sa clé si besoin,

  • Adding management of an exclusion list of files by task :
  • > Exclusions operate in backups, synchronization, and the estimate of the size of the data,
    > Exclusion list is incorporated in the form of an additional option (checkbox),

  • Adding support for two personal ‘Firefox’ and ‘Thunderbird’ :
  • > Full backup profile ‘Firefox’ and mail accounts and ‘Thunderbird’,
    > These elements, like the others, know how to reinstate automatically at a restaurant,
    > These are excerpts without closing applications being required (avoids ‘. Lock’),

  • Adding support for ‘passive’ mode on FTP :
  • > Operates in the test destination FTP, FTP backups and restorations automatic FTP,
    > Works also from the restoration manual FTP (access to mini-navigateur FTP),

  • Other miscellaneous amendments :
  • > Change of name of the directory user configuration depending on the type of distribution,
    > Logging (log) is now placed in the user configuration directory,
    > Correction / addition of multi parties remained missing (some popup menus, etc.),
    > Fixed an important bug preventing playing files locked in a special way,
    > Remove the overall management of the differential (â is the practice by this task),
    > The difference now operates on the personal elements of the user (consistent improvement),
    > More enjoyable when attempting to FTP (test location and restoration manual),
    > Archiving and automatic file naming newspapers every month in a specific subdirectory,
    > Replace the word ‘global directory’ with the word ‘file’, more fashionable at the moment,
    > Improved extensions to back with filter concept of ‘choice’ and more intuitive for the user,
    > More pleasant view when trying to send an e-mail test
    > Fixed a bug light and a double avoiding duplication of work is called in the same way,
    > Duplication of tasks is now limited to the creation of task unregistered mode,
    > We switch buttons 'OK' / 'cancel' in all windows to respect common conventions,
    > The mechanism for automatic startup with Windows is now managed by user,
    > The mechanism ‘hidden’ recording Natso (except the key) is integrated per user in the registry,
    > Only version Server, has the right to run on a Windows-type server.

  • Importing the old configuration :
  • > On the first start, the software provides the user to import its former configuration (if found),
    > All tasks (except WebBackup) are imported fully taking into account the differential global,
    > The user is then informed of the restoration manual mode to the planning of its tasks,
    > This process works as the old version of the software is running,

  • Transformation of the 'Server' edition in Windows system SERVICE :
  • > The ‘Server’ is now a service system to interact with the user's desktop,
    > The service installs and automatically starts when it is not present or started,
    > To retrieve its configuration, the software ensures therefore ètre always run as a service,
    > During a first implementation, the software ensures that the user is firmly in administrator mode,
    > Backup of personal items is displayed as the user is the system,
    > Option to auto-start with Windows is modified to express the service aspect,
    > System via functional sessions TSE,
    > Mode service running Vista (Manifest director for the UAC),
    > It is possible to run the software with the parameter ‘/ uninstall’ to uninstall the service,

  • New graphic and improving the interface :
  • > The interface now adjusts automatically to ‘style’ system (under optimal XP and Vista),
    > Particularly on all objects (such as buttons, checks, radio, publishing, lists,…),
    > New graphic attempt to make the best presentation of the elements seen in Vista,
    > A sleek design, pulled white with hints of blue and clear,
    > New fonts highlighting the clarity of characters on the screens of type LCD,
    > Titles, subtitles and alignments getting closer instead of a Web page ‘blueprint’,
    > A different view in the windows displaying too much information (it is possible to scroll),
    > One-way interactive displays items to the user (not shown all of a sudden),
    > Adding, deleting, and modifying various icons in windows,
    > Almost all the icons (except some bitmaps) are now the alpha in 32 bit color,
    > Main icon was repaired in 6 sizes (16x16, 32x32, 48x48 in 256 colors and 16M + alpha),
    > The two small icons Systray (inactive / active) have also been built for the 16x16 in 256 colors,
    > The main window has been radically newly acceding to totally style Vista,
    > The lists of tasks and destinations are now automatic overlay panels,
    > In order to make better use of display size, panels allow ètre reduced and enlarged,
    > The menus standards and the status bar has definitely been removed
    > A new menu complete and intuitive design Vista came to be placed on the left side,
    > The options and tools are now available in the form of ‘pages’ menu Vista,
    > Overall, every aspect of each component has been worked long and careful.

    Update policy :
    > Licenses purchased (excluding promotions) after 01/SEPTEMBER/2007 will be replaced free of charge upon request by email specifying the required number of order / invoice.
    > Licenses purchased before 01/SEPTEMBRE/2007 will be subject to a tariff Update 35 and 149 Euros HT respectively natso Backup Server and Workstation.