natso Backup Server Edition
Made for Small / Midsize Businesses backup and workgroups in large enterprises, natso Backup SERVER offers a full protection to networked desktops and notebooks.

natso Backup SERVER delivers our proven business-class data protection capabilities in an easy-to-use software product.

Designed for safety and security, natso Backup SERVER protects networked desktops and notebooks against loss due to viruses, newly installed software, user error, damaged hardware, hardware upgrades, hackers, and lost or stolen computers.

natso Backup SERVER provides complete protection, ease of use, and fast backups with 100% accurate restores
  • Easy to Use,
  • Back up Networked Clients (Windows 7, Vista, XP) ,
  • Unlimited networked client licences included at no additional cost,
  • Backup to DVD+-R/W, CD-R/W, ZIP Drive, hard and USB drive, Remote FTP Server and Network Server (NAS/SAN),
  • Fast and Automatic Backups,
  • Quick Restoring,
  • Do a sync back up,
  • Works as a Windows Service,
  • Compression and encryption 128-bits,
  • Assistance technique.